Being Planted

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted to the blog. The time has flown by! I’ve started many posts, but never gotten around to finishing and publishing them. It’s been an extremely eventful year.

God has been doing some serious work in our lives this year. He has shown us that rather than moving us to Denver to plant a church, he moved us to Denver to be planted. To be honest, I have struggled to be planted. I’ve been the plant that after being transplanted withers up and nearly dies. You think it is a lost cause, because it’s shriveled up and dried out, but you keep watering it in hopes that it might bounce back. Yep. That’s been me. I think I’m finally coming to the stage in the process where I might be regaining a bit of color in my stem and soon there might even be a new bloom or two.

My heart has been broken hundreds of times for one reason or another since we left Austin in October of 2011, and many days have been a fight for emotional and spiritual survival. Have you ever experienced times when the air around you feels so heavy that it’s hard to breathe? I have had those days more often than not. I ask God why, but I have yet to get a clear answer. What I choose to believe is that one day Mark and I will be able to tell the whole story of our life and ministry together including all the ups, downs, ins and outs and that God will use this crazy story to bring encouragement and hope to others. 

In spite of me, God has done some amazing things this year. We have made some great friends in our new neighborhood. They have loved us, encouraged us, introduced us to their friends, included us, and given Mark a job (Yes. That’s right, folks. My hubs is the manager of the Urban Mattress in Cherry Creek, and I am so proud of him.) Our non-profit, Artists for Denver, became an official partner of the Denver DHS. Our church community, The Stone, has developed into a sweet community of people who love God and long to be a part of something outside of themselves engaging need and figuring out this life together.

People ask us, “Where is your church?” That’s a hard one to answer, because we really don’t have a where as much as we have a who. Our church is with our people wherever they are. We try to meet together every week in one way, shape or form, but it’s rarely at the same place from week to week. I’m sure it can be frustrating for some who need more structure (I am often one of those, but I’m learning to go with it), but really it’s quite beautiful. God is moving. He’s drawing people in different ways for different reasons to this vision of doing church differently than what we’ve known it to be. It’s about people being a church instead of going to a church. It’s about truly seeking to love others more than ourselves. It’s about spending more time with people who don’t go to church than people who do, because that’s what Jesus did. It’s about being honest and real and even broken together instead of hiding all the mess and trying to look like you have it all together for a few hours a week. It’s about seeking “His Kingdom come, His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

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3 thoughts on “Being Planted

  1. I really like your openness. It is truly about seeking God’s will in earth, these ole earthly bodies, as it is truly done in Heaven. I so want to be included in that group with all our family and loved ones who have gone before. God bless you and Mark in you endeavors to be living epistles for Him.

  2. Stephanie, I’m thinking about you today and praying for your quest for Enoch. Give me a call sometime; would love to catch up.

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